Health Reform Timeline


Overview of current issues, what’s right and what’s wrong with current law and some very important reference links

NYTimes: Coronavirus Deaths by US State and Country Over Time: Daily Tracker

Timeline of 2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic - First case 11/17/19.

H. R. 1384, S. 1129 - Current Single Payer bills in Congress.

Setting the Record Straight on Medicare’s Overhead Costs

Health Over Profit

OECD Health Data 2017 - We spend 2.5 times as much per capita as the average of all OECD per capita spending and 40% more than the next most expensive country.

HealthCare-NOW: Legislative Pushback Guide - Why Improved Medicare for All (S. 1804, H.R. 676) will lead to a net increase of jobs and how the placement and re-training of workers laid off from insurance companies is covered in both bill.

PNHP: What is Single Payer?

PNHP: The Facts On How Much Single Payer Would Cost

PNHP: The Conservative Case for Single Payer

National Nurses United: Nurses Campaign to Heal America

Business For Medicare For All

PNHP: The Public Option Won’t Fix Our System - ...and why.

Timeline of 2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic - First case 11/17/19.

Guardian: The ER Diaries - Daily(?) installments by an ER nurse about what the unit looks/feels like from the inside.


Newsweek: Bernie Sanders, Possible Cabinet Pick, Says Green New Deal, Medicare for All Won at the Polls - 112 co-sponsors of M4A were on the ballot and all won.


Health Affairs: Getting Our Knees Off Black People’s Necks: An Anti-Racist Approach to Medical Care


Guardian: Dr. Birx Warns US Entering a ‘Deadly Phase’ of Covid, Contradicting Trump


Health Affairs: How Much Has The Number of Uninsured Risen Since 2016 - And At What Cost to Health and Life?

Healthcare Insider: Survey: Majority of US Adults Concerned About Medical Bankruptcy, Debt


American Prospect: The Collapse of Long-Term Care Insurance


EAMC: From Steady and Tired to Bracing for Impact - Again - Population of Lee Co., AL: 165,000. Trump’s treatment: Remdesivir (an antiviral), an antibody cocktail (Regeneron’s REGN-COV2, investigational drug not available for public use yet) and Dexamethasone (a steroid) to decrease inflammation. Regeneron is derived from stem cells which will be illegal once Roe v Wade is overturned. Interesting note: Trump said ‘science doesn’t know.’ But he wasted no time going directly to the source of the most advanced medical science in America to get his treatment. It apparently worked. “...united, strong and focused”


Georgetown U. Health Policy Institute: Children’s Uninsured Rate Rises by Largest Annual Jump in More Than a Decade - This problem would be eliminated with M4A. Almost 2/3 of Americans want it. But our politicians prevent it from happening.

Guardian: How Does Donald Trump’s Covid Care Compare to the Average 74 Year Old’s


New England Journal of Medicine: Dying in a Leadership Vacuum - A great read and very timely. The most strongly worded editorial I have ever read from this distinguished journal.


Democracy-NOW: Mary Trump: My Uncle is Responsible for 210,000 Deaths and is Now Willfully Getting People Sick


New Yorker: The Recklessness of Trump’s Return to the White House


CDC: Reasons for Being Uninsured Among Adults Aged 18-64 in the United States, 2019

New Yorker: What Will Cold-And-Flu Season Mean For the Coronavirus Pandemic?


Princeton: Largest Covid-19 Contact Tracing Study to Date Finds Children Key to Spread, Evidence of Superspreaders

ProPublica: Investors Extracted (Stole?) $400 Million From Hospital Chain That Sometimes Couldn’t Pay for Medical Supplies or Gas for Ambulances


Pew Research: Increasing Share (63%) of Americans Favor a Single Government Program to Provide Health Care Coverage


International NYTimes: ‘We May Be Surprised Again’: An Unpredictable Pandemic Take a Terrible Toll


NYTimes: Scientific American, Backing Biden, Makes Its First Ever Presidential Endorsement


The Lancet: Bridging a Gap In Universal Health Coverage for the Poorest Billions


CDC: Community and Close Contact Exposures Associated with COVID-19 Among Symptomatic Adults - “Adults with positive COVID-19 test results were twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than those with negative test results.”


Long Beach Gazettes: Long Beach Mayor Launches M4A Advocacy Group

Health Affairs: Mortality Rates From COVID-19 Are Lower in Unionized Nursing Homes - From the article: "The presence of a health care worker labor union was associated with a 30% relative decrease in the COVID-19 mortality rate compared to facilities without unions in the State of New York." Not only that, but "chain nursing homes were associated with higher COVID-19 mortality rates."


Oxfam: Pandemic Profits Soar by $Billions as Poorest Pay Price


New England Journal of Medicine: When Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Racism And Sickle Cell Disease - The stigma and cost of having this disease prevents many from seeking early diagnosis and treatment. This is another issue that could easily be addressed with M4A.

NYTimes: Where is America’s Groundbreaking Covid-19 Research? The US Could Learn a Lot From Britain - In the US, research is focused on finding profitable treatments and cornering markets. Britain’s is  focused on patients’ needs. Another problem that could be solved with a well-designed M4A.


Natl. Bureau of Economic Research: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? County-Level Evidence From the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States. - This study indicates that Republican counties were slower to implement distancing and stay-at-home orders and also had lower compliance. Those counties had higher mortality rates.


NYTimes: Trump Program to Cover Uninsured COVID-19 Patients Falls Short of Promise


Health Affairs: Community-Level Factors Associated With Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 Rates in Massachusetts - Disparities in access to all types of health care result in a much higher incidence of coronavirus among black Americans. M4A would fix this.


Economic Policy Institute: Health Insurance and the COVID-19 Shock - The second paragraph under ‘Conclusion’ says it all.


JAMA: Changes in Hospital Income,  Use, and Quality Associated With Private Equity Acquisition - Conclusion: When corporations take over hospitals profits increase and patients suffer.

JAMA: Private Equity, Women’s Health, and the Corporate Transformation of American Medicine

CBS News Poll: 57% of Republicans Say 176,000+ Deaths From Covid is ‘Acceptable’


Politico: Industry Campaign Targets Biden Health Plan - Partnership For America’s Health Care Future = Industry Lobby Group.


Commonwealth Fund: US Health Insurance Coverage: A Looming Crisis in Affordability


New Republic: Socialism is as American as Apple Pie - Socialistic systems in place in the USA today: police, fire departments, public libraries, public schools, US armed forces, also subsidies/tax rebates to large corporations that pay no taxes. This short article enumerates many historical instances where the Founding Fathers advocated socialistic policies.


Guardian: Calls for Nationwide Sickout as Arizona School District Cancels Reopening


NY Daily News: Trump Official Praises Single-Payer Health Care - Who knew? But again this year, Democrats refuse to even mention it in their platform. Who do you think they are working for?

USA Today: J.O. Combs Schools Will Not Open on Monday After Teachers Refuse to Show Up

Common Sense: Medicare for All - “America is facing three major challenges at the same time—the coronavirus pandemic, a resultant economic downturn on the scale of the 1930s, and widespread protests against ongoing systemic racism. Together, they have exposed the underbelly of a failing health care non-system which serves the interests of corporate America, Wall Street, and their investors on the backs of sick and vulnerable Americans.”

Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of three major reform alternatives: (1) build on the Affordable Care Act; (2) variants of a public option; and (3) Medicare for All. We then describe, using common sense, how a ‘new normal’ through Expanded and Improved Medicare for All (H. R. 1384 in the House of Representatives) is the only alternative that can work to the benefit of all Americans in an affordable, fair and sustainable way. All we need is the political will to seize this moment in history.”


Socialist Alternative: Trump in Trouble, Biden in Hiding - Largest individual recipient of corporate pharmaceutical contributions to a presidential campaign: Joe Biden; over 3X more than No. 2 Trump. It’s no surprise that Biden opposes M4A even though 87% of Democrats favor it.

WSJ: Face Masks Really Do Matter. The Scientific Evidence is Growing.


PNHP: Another Physicians Group Endorses M4A


Bernie Sanders: The Pandemic is Helping the Rich Get Even Richer. It’s Time to Tax Their Obscene Wealth - Some of the numbers in this article are mind-blowing. Austerity for working families. Windfall gains for Billionaires. Could contributions from these ‘obscene wealthy’ be part of the reason that the Democrats once again have written Single-Payer out of their platform?

CBS News: Over 900 Students and Staff in Georgia School District Told to Quarantine After Reopening Last Week


NYTimes: Major US Health Insurers Report Big Profits, Benefiting From the Pandemic - Also Big Hospital corps, Big Pharma, Amazon, Netflix, Citrix (one company Kelly Loefller invested in after that infamous Senate briefing), Big Tech, and several others - even the mining industry. Single-Payer, M4A would eliminate much of this.

NPR: Twitter, Facebook Remove Trump Post Over False Claim About Children and Covid-19


Democracy-NOW: Who Profits & And Where is the Transparency in Trump Admin’s $6B Vaccine Program?


The Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science: On the Belief That Beliefs Should Change According to the Evidence: Implications for Conspiratorial, Moral, Paranormal, Political, Religious, and Science Beliefs - Very wonky, but the conclusions are interesting. To summarize, people who believe that beliefs should change because of new evidence tend to be liberal. Those that believe that beliefs should not change because of new evidence tend to be conservative. So no matter how much empirical evidence we might provide to show conservatives how much better Single-Payer M4A is than our current system, they will still never believe it.


BBC: Coronavirus: Oxford Vaccine Can Train Immune System


Families USA: The Pandemic and Resulting Economic Crash Have Caused the Greatest Health Insurance Losses in American History - The half page “Results in Brief” tells it all.

PNHP: “Medicare continued to provide stable coverage for those over 65 after the onset of the pandemic. There would be no uninsured now had we had in place a single payer Medicare for All program.

Regardless of all of the praise ACA receives, the program clearly is not working as it should. There are proposals to temporarily fill in some of the gaps, but these proposals fall far short of the comprehensive reform that we need, and most of them would be only temporary, at the end of the pandemic defaulting to our current unsatisfactory financing system.

The primary reason given for not enacting single payer Medicare for All is that it costs too much. Yet comparing our highly inefficient health care financing system with Canada's single payer system indicates that more than $600 billion in annual administrative waste is recoverable - more than enough to expand the provision of comprehensive health care services to absolutely everyone, permanently, without spending more in inflation adjusted dollars than we already do.

One major candidate for president would forgo this in order to perpetuate, with tweaks, our clearly inadequate health care financing system with its profoundly inefficient and costly administrative excesses. The other major candidate is supporting a repeal of ACA without offering any effective substitute, leaving us worse off than we already are.”


Common Dreams: A Vote for American Healthcare is a Vote for Violence - M4A would prevent 68,000 deaths per year. Polls repeatedly show that 75% of Americans, including 65% of Rethugs are in favor of Single-Payer M4A. Every developed nation on earth has managed to provide healthcare to its citizens as a right, except for America. The healthcare lobby accounts for a third of the contributions to the DCCC in the 2019-2020 campaign season. Shameful!


Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations - Not even a mention of Single-Payer M4A.

Per PNHP: “It basically perpetuates the current health policies, led by the Affordable Care Act, while adding a public option and reducing Medicare eligibility age to 60. Single payer Medicare for All is not simply an expansion of Medicare to cover everyone. It is a comprehensive revision of the financing of health care making it universal, comprehensive, efficient, effective, equitable, accessible, and affordable for everyone, for life. The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force proposal meets none of those criteria.”


Reuters: US Govt. Awards Novamax $1.6 Billion For Corona Virus - From the article: In addition: $456M to Johnson & Johnson, $486M to Moderna, $1.2B to AstraZeneca, $628M to Emergent Biosolutions.  No mention of any sort of accounting oversight as to how these companies use the money, or what the vaccine will finally cost the taxpayers per dose.


NYTimes: How a Covid-19 Vaccine Could Cost Americans Dearly - From the article: The taxpayers are giving Moderna $483M to develop a vaccine. Our government has also promised AstraZeneca $1.2B. But when the vaccine finally arrives it could still cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars per dose. It’s time to nationalize these companies, but failing that there is no reason the US couldn’t do what every other first world country does: Negotiate the price.


NYTimes: US Coronavirus Daily New Cases Soar Past 50,000 - ...the 6th new highest daily total in the last 9 days...eight states report single-day case records


Intercept: Trump Administration Is Waiving the Public’s Right to Affordable Coronavirus Treatments

Guardian: US Reports Record One-Day Increase in COVID-19 Cases As Trump Tweets Erratically

Democracy-NOW: The “Disgraceful” US Pandemic Response & How Medicare For All Could Have Saved Lives

Kaiser Health News: Investigation Into the Erosion of Public Health - “...years of budgeting and staff cuts for state and local health services have left them unprepared for the worst health crisis in a century.”


Democracy-NOW: Massive Case of Denial: COVID-19 Surges in US, Tops 10M Globally, as Pence Touts “Remarkable Progress” - From the article:

And this is what we’re dealing with all over the entire United States now, is situations where people refuse to wear a mask. They take it as a political — you know, “Don’t tread on me, baby. I have a right in America. You can’t tell me what to do.” Well, it’s true. I can’t tell you. I can’t walk in and make you put on your seatbelt, unless I’m a cop. I can’t make you wear a motorcycle helmet, unless I’m a cop. But both of those are things that affect only you. You know, everybody in your car won’t die because you didn’t wear a seatbelt, but you will die.

But this is a situation where we’re asking you to be a good citizen and give a damn about the people around you. And if you can’t do that, if you can’t manage to care about them the way you would, say, with secondhand smoking, or you would with various kinds of pollution that you might use, pesticide you spray on your front lawn as the wind blows it into your neighbor’s windows — if this is your attitude — your neighbors can just go ahead and have that pesticide because you felt like killing ants on your front lawn — then you’re not a good American, and you’re not a good Christian, and you’re not a good spiritual being. You’re a jerk.”


Guardian: Health Secretary: ‘Window Is Closing’ To Stop Coronavirus As US Cases Surpass 2.5 Million

CBS News 60 Minutes: Faulty COVID-19 Antibody Tests Shipped Without FDA Review - Yet another example of Trump more concerned with re-election than the people.


Guardian: Trump Visits Private Golf Course As US Battles Rapid Surge in Coronavirus Cases -


Guardian: Pinocchio Pence Casts Off Reality And Insists Everything’s Under Control


Reuters: US Sets One-Day Record for COVID-19 Cases, Texas Pauses Reopening

NYTimes: How the Virus Won


Milbank Quarterly: US Health Care in Our Neoliberal Era - The graph at the top of the article tells quite a story.


Commonwealth Fund: Poll: An Early Look at Potential Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic for Health Insurance Coverage - Question 5: “Millions of Americans get their health insurance through a job. Should people who get health insurance through their employers have the option of getting similar coverage at a similar cost through government-regulated and -subsidized health plans?” 75% said Yes, including 65% of Republicans.

Here’s a question that PNHP proposes:

Would you prefer a government plan that covered all necessary health care with no deductibles or copayments and allowed free choice of any physician or hospital even though that meant that you could not choose an employer-sponsored plan that required deductibles and copayments and limited you to a list of physicians and hospitals selected by the insurer?


National Bureau of Economic Research: Misinformation During a Pandemic - Conclusion: Listening to Fox News can get you killed.


Visual Capitalist: The Growth of COVID-19 In The US, By State Peak Date - States peaking right now: TX, SC, OR, OK, NV, NC, FL, CA, AZ, AL. Florida Could be the Next Epicenter of Covid-19


Guardian: Fauci Says US ‘Still in the First Wave’ As Six States See Record Covid-19 Cases - Trump is already lying about the number of people who will attend the Tulsa rally, just as he has done many times in the past.


NYTimes: Oxford University: Inexpensive Drug Shown to Reduce Coronavirus Deaths In Patients Receiving Respiratory Support

Reuters: Record Spike in New Coronavirus Cases Reported in 6 US States As Reopening Accelerates

Reuters: Covid-19 Cases Surging in Alabama, South Carolina and Oklahoma


JAMA: Health Care Policy After the Covid-19 Pandemic - JAMA is not quite there yet, but this article comes very close to advocating for Single Payer.

Propublica: How Rich Investors, Not Doctors, Profit From Marking Up ER Bills


New England Journal of Medicine: Diagnosing and Treating Systemic Racism

Guardian: Nine California Counties Report Spike in New Coronavirus Cases or Hospitalizations

Guardian: ‘An American Fiasco’: US Hits Grim Milestone: 2 M Covid-19 Cases - This is a marathon, and we’ve only see the first 100 yards.

Common Dreams: ‘Lethal Inequality’: New Study Shows More Thank 18 Million At High Risk of Covid-19 Lack Adequate Health Insurance

Journal of Internal Medicine: 18.2 Million At Severe High Risk of Covid-19 Lack Adequate Health Insurance


PNHP: Covid-19 and Health Financing: Perils and Possibilities - If nothing else, just read the 3 paragraph Abstract.


Newsweek: Coronavirus Cases Are Rising in 20 US States, With Sharp Spikes in Arizona, North Carolina and California - and Here, Here, Here and Here


Law and Political Economy: Flattening the Curve and Closing the Gap: The Civil Rights of Health During a Global Pandemic


Health Affairs: Accountable Care Organizations’ Increase in Non-physician May Signal Shift for Healthcare Work Force - Per the article:  The original idea was that ACOs would increase the quality of care and decrease the costs overall. They are failing on both counts. And now the corporations running them are trying to shave costs by using more non-physicians. That’s only going to decrease the quality of care received by sick people who use them.


AMA Statement on President Terminating US Relationship with WHO - Per the article:

"In the grip of a global pandemic that has already killed more than 100,000 Americans, severing ties with the World Health Organization (WHO) serves no logical purpose and makes finding a way out of this public health crisis dramatically more challenging. This senseless action will have significant, harmful repercussions now and far beyond this perilous moment, particularly as the WHO is leading worldwide vaccine development and drug trials to combat the pandemic. COVID-19 affects us all and does not respect borders; defeating it requires the entire world working together. In the strongest terms possible, the American Medical Association urges the president to reverse course and not abandon our country’s leadership position in the global fight against COVID-19.”

Here we are with yet another existential crisis (I count 4 so far: climate, Covid, economic meltdown, social unrest) since Cheeto-Head took office and he reverts to a 3 year old.


NBC News: Covid-19 Cases Surge in CA, AL, and VA


NYTimes: Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers - Welfare for the rich, Austerity for everyone else.


Democracy-NOW: Crowded & Desperate Rohingya in World’s Largest Refugee Camp Face Covid and Cyclone - Study shows that over 1 million children could die as result of Covid.


Visual Capitalist: Covid-19 in Context: How Many People Die Each Day?


Democracy-NOW: Healthcare Industry Sees “Potential Bonanza” of Profits in COVID-19 Crisis


PNHP: What Will Medicare for All Really Cost - Less than what we now pay in total healthcare costs per year. This report describes a review of numerous studies on this question, including those done by Yale, Rand and the Urban Institute. Check out Dr. McCanne’s comments at the end: “So when someone asks, “How are we going to pay for Medicare for All?” The answer is, “We’re already paying enough, but we’re going to pay for it more fairly through equitable tax policies. For all but the very wealthy, average health care spending will decrease.”


Politico: Fauci and Brix’s Public Withdrawal Worries Health Experts


Democracy-NOW: Trump Death Clock: Times Square Billboard Tallies Lives Lost to Covid-19 Inaction


Public Citizen: Insurers’ Offers of Free Care for Coronavirus Are Often Confusing and Limited - Get sick now, or you probably won’t be covered.


Axios: States Where the Virus is Spreading Fastest

World Federation of Trade Unions: Statement On Business Games Related to Covid-19 Vaccine - Meanwhile Trump is urging the Supreme Court to strike down ACA and we’re still waiting for that “much less expensive and much better” replacement health plan that he promised.

Health Affairs: Switching From Medicare Advantage to Medicare After the Onset of Disabilities - What this study shows is that patients in the MA program tend to switch to regular Medicare after the onset of disabilities. From the article:

“Limited provider networks may affect the quality of care and satisfaction of MA beneficiaries, as older adults in Medicare Advantage are more likely than those in traditional Medicare to be served by skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies with lower quality ratings. Limited networks and less flexible options may especially challenge people with disability, who often rely on caregivers. The additional coordination needed to find in-network, accessible providers in MA plans may be a barrier. This raises the concern that participation in Medicare Advantage poses unique barriers to care for older adults with disability. This is especially worrisome given that this population is highly vulnerable, with high levels of health needs and risk of significant morbidity and mortality—especially if their needs are not met.”

The inclusion of the private sector was advertised to bring lower costs and higher quality healthcare delivery. This is another example of just the opposite in practice.


Milken Review: A Lesson for America: Taiwan’s Single-Payer National Health Insurance


Atlantic: Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice

NBC News: Experts Sound Alarm Over Inaccurate Antibody Tests - 150 different antibody tests on the market have not been FDA approved. The reported numbers of people with the virus are highly inaccurate.

Global News Wire: The Covid-19 Pandemic - Another poll - NORC at U of Chicago - shows the vast majority of Americans want ‘a government run system.’ 59% of Republicans, agree that "it is the federal government’s responsibility to provide quality healthcare for all Americans. Also, almost all agree, including 66% of Republicans, that during the coronavirus attack "people should have access to quality medical care, regardless of citizenship status."


Politico: Bernie Sanders: Here’s How to Cover Uninsured Americans During the Pandemic - Meanwhile, as the corporate dems and large corporations prepare to dole out corporate welfare in the $Billions to themselves, Joe Biden’s rise to de facto party nominee “was a relief to the health care industry.


CBS News: The Coronavirus Response: Why Wasn’t America Ready? - A very good timeline regarding Trump’s many mistakes during every phase of this crisis, including the dismantling of the Office of Global Health Security and Biodefense at his own National Security Council in May, 2018 originally suggested by John Bolton. This is the group whose sole task was to make sure that the US was prepared for a pandemic like the one we have now.


NBC News: Elective Surgeries Set to Resume, With Complications and Concerns - For anyone considering a non-emergency procedure, this is worth a read.

NYTimes: Prescriptions Surged as Trump Praised Drugs in Coronavirus Fight

SNL: A Few Words From Dr. Fauci


The Hill: Poll: 69% of Voters Support Medicare for All

Counter Punch: The World’s Most Unfair Health Care System


Common Dreams: COVID-19 and the Myth of  ‘Choice’ In American Healthcare


NYTimes: Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper? - Stay calm and wash your hands.

Commonwealth Fund: Catastrophic Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs: A Problem Mainly for Middle-Income Americans With Employer Coverage


The Nation: No, Italy is Not the Case Against Medicare for All - “Joe Biden weaponized the Italian health care system—which has been besieged by one of the world’s most lethal outbreaks of Covid-19—against universal health care during the March 15 Democratic presidential debate. “With all due respect to Medicare for All,” he said, “you have a single-payer system in Italy. It doesn’t work there.””

Completely false. Hillary Clinton all over again. Clearly the Democratic party doesn’t care whether they win in November or not.


Reuters: S. Korea Set to Ship Coronavirus Testing Kits to US - While Trump (with full knowledge of what was coming) and Fox News were saying that this was all nothing to worry about, S. Korea was testing 15,000 people per day, locked down the country and forcing those with the virus into mandatory quarantine. As of this writing, S. Korea’s daily increase is in the low double digits, while we have so many that it is straining the medical community to the breaking point (over half a million cases, daily increases in the triple digits), and people are still shopping with no gloves or face protection.

I remember when the USA would ship CARE packages to starving countries around the world, for free. But in this case, Trump has made sure that private companies will profit by selling the test kits to the highest bidder.

NYTimes: How Biogen Became a Coronavirus Super-Spreader


CNN: Sweden Challenges Trump -- And Scientific Mainstream -- By Refusing to Lockdown - And they are paying the price.


ABC News: Intelligence Reports Warned of Coronavirus Crisis as Early as November - Per the article, it was clearly portrayed to Trump that it could become a “cataclysmic event”, and he could have “ramped up mitigation and containment efforts far earlier”.


Annals of Internal Medicine: Converging US Epidemics: COVID-19 and Lack of Health Insurance


Intercept: After Coronavirus, Never Forget: Republicans Recklessly Put Our Lives in Danger -

Never. Great short article naming the people who originally and persistently claimed that Coronavirus was nothing to worry about. WMDs in Iraq all over again.


ABC News: Alabama Projected to Have 4th Highest Rate of Covid-19 Fatalities In Nation


Kaiser: Various Polls: Public Opinion on Single-Payer, National Health Plans and Expanding Access to Medicare

NYTimes: Cities That Went All in on Social Distancing in 1918 Emerged Stronger for It

CPWR: Health Coverage in the Construction Industry - As you read this keep in mind that this is what those who want to keep ACA are trying to protect.


Democracy-NOW: As US Reels From Covid-19, Trump Backs Gilead’s Exclusive Patent on Treatment and Suspends EPA Rules - Just as George Conway predicted.

CBS News: Coronavirus in Pittsburgh: Pitt Researchers Unveil Potential Covid-19 Vaccine


The Hill: The Threat of Coronavirus Medical Bankruptcy


NYTimes: As Governors Plead for Tests, Trump Promises Ventilators to Europe - This man is grossly endangering the citizens of America. His only interest is his own re-election.

NYTimes: Days After a Funeral in a Georgia Town, Coronavirus ‘Hit Like A Bomb’ - Root cause: They had no testing kits, and still don’t have enough.

Guardian: Seven of Donald Trump’s Most Misleading Coronavirus Claims


NYTimes: Saez and Zucman: Jobs Aren’t Being Destroyed This Fast Elsewhere. Why is That? - “It’s not too late to start protecting employment or to make medical care for Corvid-19 Free. The big battles — be they wars or pandemics — are fought and won collectively. In this period of national crisis, hatred of the government is the surest path to self-destruction."

Guardian: Czechs Get to Work Making Masks After Government Decree - Here’s an example of what works.

MSNBC: Yasmin Vossoughian Interviews Joe Biden on Single Payer Healthcare - MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian: "Our health care system seems to be crumbling underneath this crisis. There is not enough support for the health care system; there is not support for the American people inside of the health care system. Are you now reconsidering your position when it comes to single payer health care?"

Former Vice President Joe Biden: "Single payer will not solve that at all."

Democrats chose this guy over Bernie Sanders.


Guardian: Millions of Americans Are About to Lose Their Health Insurance in a Pandemic

Mid-City News: Justice Department Accuses Anthem of Medicare Advantage Fraud - Here is just one example where M4A could save $100 million/year.


Guardian: How Ventilators Work and Why They Are So Important in Saving People With Coronavirus

American Council on Science and Health: Can One Ventilator Treat Two Patients? - And now there is talk about special fittings to put 4 patients, all with differing degrees of pulmonary distress, on one ventilator and expecting to coordinate their breathing.


Democracy-NOW: Frontline NY Nurses Lack Protective Masks & Ventilators, Say Worst is Yet to Come

NBC News: Inside Iceland’s Unique response to Combating Coronavirus

Health Affairs: Medicare for All: The Social Transformation of US Health Care


Intercept: Trump Says America’s Ventilator Shortage Was “Unforeseen.” Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth.


Democracy-NOW: “Hope Is Not A Strategy”: Emergency Doctor Asks “Where Are the Tests? Where Is the Protective Gear”


Clean Technica: Elon Musk Should Have 1000 Ventilators Next Week and 250,000 N95 Masks Tomorrow - The article points out that Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong had strong leadership and a well understood coarse of action from day one. “Trump downplayed the threat and yelled at journalists.” As a result, “US will soon be the hardest hit country in the world.”: #TrumpMeltdown

— Peace Is Active (@peaceisactive) March 21, 2020

Covered CA: The Potential National Health Costs Impacts to Consumers, Employers, and Insurers Due to COV-19 - Just check to ‘Highlights’.

NYTimes: Your Money: A Hub for Help During the Coronavirus Crisis - Some really good sources here.

Santa Fe New Mexican: Why the US Failed the Coronavirus Test

Corpus Christi Caller: The Hoax That Wrecked the Stock Market


NYTimes: Corona Virus Could Overwhelm US Without Urgent Action, Estimates Say

Politico: Emergency Coronavirus Funds For Native Americans Healthcare Stalled in the Trump Bureaucracy - Draining the swamp?

Reuters: How One Elite New York Medical Provider Got Its Patients Coronavirus Tests - This should be criminal, but instead it is openly advertised. That’s how the ‘free market’ works.


Kaiser: Sebelius, Looking Back at ACA - Kathleen Sebelius:  “Frankly, it probably would have been better to be a government takeover of health care. We got blamed for it. And yet we really didn’t do that. We ran most of this through the private system. So costs are still blossoming out of control. We’ve talked about how the public option would have been a lever for that, which we don’t have. Surprise billing wasn’t even an issue until investment bankers began buying specialty practices and figuring out, Oh, there’s a new way to make money.

And, I also think, often the Affordable Care Act is blamed for employers shifting massive costs onto their employees in employer-based health care plans, which weren’t really tampered with by the Affordable Care Act. That was always to be left alone. So we own all the bad.”

Curious how all of the politicians that could have done this correctly in the first place have such clear hindsight once their damage has been done. Or could it be that they no longer have access to the lobbyists’ check books.


Institute of Public Accuracy: During Pandemic, Biden Lies About Healthcare


Visual Capitalist: Infographic: Visualizing the History of Pandemics

Guardian: “He’s An Idiot”: Critics Say Trump Has Failed the US

Washington Post: Why Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially, And How to “Flatten the Curve”


Snopes: Did Trump Administration Fire the US Pandemic Response Team? - True. And it was John Bolton that advised Trump to do so.

Democracy-NOW: Meet the 17-Year-Old Behind The Website Tracking Coronavirus Cases That is Now a Vital Global ResourceHere is his web site.


Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump Should Take a Lesson from S. Korea on Coronavirus and Get Moving on Testing Now - S. Korea is testing around 15,000 people per day. The US has not yet tested 15,000 in total, because Trump/Bolton disbanded the global health security and biodefense team of the National Security Council in May of 2018, and Here.

Bloomberg: US Coronavirus Response Marred by Overconfidence and Delays


NYTimes: Strikes and Attack Ads: The Hard Roads to Universal Health Care

Medium: Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now - Flatten the curve: Social Distancing (stay home), Containment (all cases: identified, controlled, isolated), Mitigation: lockdowns.

The coronavirus is coming to you.

It’s coming at an exponential speed: gradually, and then suddenly.

It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.

When it does, your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.

Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.

Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.

They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.

The only way to prevent this is social distancing today. Not tomorrow. Today.

That means keeping as many people home as possible, starting now.


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JAMA: Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan - Taiwan (and S. Korea) have done everything right and apparently greatly limited the contagion and subsequent deaths. Trump has done everything wrong. He slashed and burned every government agency not related to war, including the agency that was specifically created to coordinate a national response to an outbreak like C-19. With limited testing, we have no idea who is carrying the disease with no apparent symptoms and currently infecting others. This will ultimately cause a very large number of unnecessary deaths, and possibly millions of bankruptcies, and Here.


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Guardian: Millions of Uninsured Americans Like Me Are a Coronavirus Time Bomb - When this pandemic starts to spread, how is the American healthcare system and the American economy going to cope with the 30 million Americans who have no health insurance? They can’t afford to go to the doctor if they get sick, so they are going to stay home unnecessarily infecting many more. Meanwhile Trump and his cronies, such as Alex Azar, prioritize pharmaceutical corporation profits over vaccinating poor people, thus making a rapid spread of the disease, and a breakdown of our economy almost inevitable. But hey, don’t worry because Mike Pence has Got This!


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The Lancet: Improving the Prognosis of Health Care In the USA - This study, from Yale University, concludes that Medicare For All would save $450 Billion and 68,000 lives per year. Discussion on Democracy-NOW, and Here. Currently the US pays more than twice the average per-capita and %GNP costs of all other developed countries, we have some of the worst medical outcomes (longevity, child mortality, obesity, etc.), and we pay 50% more then the next most expensive countries - Switzerland, Norway. The majority of Americans are in favor of Medicare For All. Polls: Kaiser 1/30/20, CBS 10/15/19, Kaiser 1/23/19, Hill/Harris 10/22/18, Pew-Ipsos 8/23/18,  Economist (item 81) 4/4/17, Pew 1/13/17, Gallup 5/16/16. But America is not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy. So the majority doesn’t matter anymore.


Children’s Defense Fund: The State of America’s Children 2020 - “One in six children in America (12 million) lives in poverty, with income inequality having grown to the widest gap our nation has seen in 50 years. Millions of children are homeless and millions more are just one missed paycheck away from losing their homes. Far too many children lack access to quality early childhood care during the most critical years of brain development. For the first time in a decade, the number of children without health coverage is on the rise. And across the country, from urban centers to rural towns, our nation’s gun violence epidemic is killing more children, more often.”

Also according to the study, about 1.4 million children experience homelessness in a given year, double the number before the 2008 recession, and 500,000+ are homeless on any given night.

About 428,000 children are in foster care on any given day, and that number has risen every year for the past 4 years. About 11 million children in America go to bed hungry every night.

John P. Geyman, MD: Long-Term Care in America: The Crisis All of Us Will Face In Our Lifetimes


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Annals of Internal Medicine: American College of Physicians (ACP): Envisioning a Better US Health Care System for All - This is a very long article, but it marks another milestone in the fight for Single-Payer. This is because the ACP, which represents doctors more closely than the AMA, has officially endorsed Single-Payer as one of two ways to achieve universal coverage for a reasonable cost. The other one of the two is a public option, but here’s why that won’t accomplish those goals. The ACP is the largest organization dedicated specifically to patient care, while the AMA has become mostly a lobbying group and a physicians’ guild.


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Public Library of Science: Projected Costs of Single-Payer Financing - Simplified billing, negotiated drug pricing, and global budgets for hospitals (just like police and fire departments) are the main drivers of the $500 billion yearly savings.


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American Prospect: What Medicare for All Really Looks Like - Canadian Medicare is way better than the corporate-greedy system in the USA, but it does have its faults. The Single-Payer outlined at Physicians for a National Healthplan and the Bernie Sanders plan covers those errors. “The Canadian system is good, but underfunded,” says Steffie Woolhandler. “The American system is shitty but over-funded.”


Annals of Internal Medicine: Health Care Administrative Costs in the United States and Canada, 2017 - From this article: Health care paperwork cost US $817 Billion in 2017, 4 times more than Canada. A Single-Payer system would have saved the US over $600 Billion in overhead alone. Overhead costs of doctors, hospitals, long-term care and health insurance were 34.7%, or over 1/3.

Excluding Medicare Advantage, Medicare overhead is less than 2%.

Washington Post: American Families Are Required to Pay the Equivalent of an $8,000 Health Care Poll Tax

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