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Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees (rough draft):

ProPublica: The Trump Administration

Intercept: The Trump Executive Order Tracker

Public Citizen: President Trump Inc. - Investigative report on all of Trump’s self-dealing since he announced his run for president.

Truthdig: With Respect to the US Government, the Ultimate Inside Job is Well Under Way - DeVos, Price and Sessions are in their positions solely to destroy the departments that they head, along with the few protections that they provide to Americans, especially those in poverty.

Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon, former VP at Goldman Sachs, founding member of Breitbart News. He is one of six former GS executives now on Trump’s cabinet (along with Sec. of State Gary Cohn, Sec. of Treasury Steve Mnuchin, Dep. Sec. of Treasury James Donovan, SEC Chair Jay Clayton, Dep. Natl. Security Advisor Dina Powell)

Director US National Economic Council: Gary Cohn, former Pres. and COO of Goldman Sachs

Sec. of State - Tillerson - CEO and lifetime employee of the corporation that has known since the 1970s what the devastating impacts of continued fossil fuels would be and has spent billions trying to cover that up and fund climate change denial

Sec. of Treasury - Steve Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs partner, wants to get rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and put the banks in charge of the government loan guarantee program. Loan failures would be paid off by the American taxpayers. Loan profits would go to the banks. He made most of his fortune running OneWest bank, known for its practice of rushing foreclosures and evictions following the housing collapse. The bank was recommended for prosecution by the California AG for backdating foreclosure legal documents. He also failed to mention $100 Million in personal assets and his position as the head of a Cayman’s Island hedge fund during his initial confirmation hearing.

Intercept: Mnuchin Again Lies About Robo-Signing - After serving as CIO at Goldman Sachs, he was CEO at OneWest, where they made ‘robo-signing’ foreclosure documents a standard practice to illegally foreclose on families that had been lured into liar’s loans, some of whom where not even in arrears. Of course, all of the big banks plead guilty to all of these practices, but all Obama’s Justice Dept. gave them was a slap on the wrist and a get-out-of-jail-free cards.

Dept. Sec. of Treasury - James Donovan, also ex-Goldman Sachs

NYTimes: James Donovan Is Latest Goldman Sachs Exec to Join Trump Cabinet - Other former Goldman execs on Trump’s cabinet: Senior Advisor Steve Bannon, Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin, SEC Chairman James Clayton, Dir. National Economic Council Gary Cohn, Senior Counselor for Economic Initiatives Dina Powell - 6 and counting. When Trump takes up the issue of banking deregulation, I wonder where these guys will stand. ;-)

Sec. of Defense - Gen. James Mattis - Annual budget $800 Billion plus additional ‘off budget’ spending.

Sec. of Army - Sen. Mark Green

Slate: Trump’s Pick For Army Secretary is a Stealth Anti-LGBT Extremist

Sec. of HHS - Tom Price - wants to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. Bought stock in a medical device company the day before he introduced legislation to improve its regulatory status.

ProPublica: When A Study Cast Doubt on a Heart Pill, The Drug Company Turned to Tom Price

ProPublica: Fired US Attorney Preet Bharara Was Investigating HHS Sec. Tom Price - Price has a history of buying up pharmaceutical stocks just before submitting legislation favorable to the company. But ethical behavior has never been his strong point.

Sec. of HUD - Ben Carson

Sec. of Energy - Rick Perry - Didn’t understand at the time of his appointment that its primary responsibility is overseeing the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal, not regulating the oil and gas industry.

Sec. of Labor - First nominee: Andrew Puzder, fast food mogul, former anti-abortion activist, has lobbied against minimum wage, overtime pay, has faced lawsuits for wage theft and discrimination. Uses ads featuring bikini-clad women eating hamburgers. Puzder withdrew, replaced by Alexander Acosta, Dean of the Law School at Florida International University??.

Washington Post: Questions Linger Over Whether Labor Nominee Acosta Will Stand Up For Workers

Sec. of Education - Betsy Devos, has made billions in the charter school industry. Her brother Eric Prince, founded Blackwater. Dept. of Education budget $70 Billion.

Sec. of Interior - Rep. Ryan Zinke - who was caught in a pattern of fraud while on SEAL Team 6.

Sec. of Agricuture - Sonny Perdue

Sec. of Commerce - Wilbur Ross

Democracy-NOW: Billionaire Wilber Ross Confirmed as Sec. of Commerce Despite Ties to Russian Oligarchs

Social Security Administration - Probable pick: Tom Leppert, former mayor of Dallas, who wants to privatize SSA and put the $2.8 Trillion from its fund directly into the hands of Wall Street stock brokers.

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions

MoJo: Jeff Sessions Met Twice with Russian Ambassador During Campaign and Then Denied It During Confirmation Hearings - He’s got to go.

Common Dreams: Is Recusal Necessary? - Under oath, to Congress, Sessions said: "I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians." But he met with the Russian ambassador twice during the campaign. He lied and committed perjury before Congress. Despite what all of the TV talking heads say, this is not complicated. How blatant can it get, but apparently the spineless Dems are going to let him slide. What next?

CIA Director: Rep. Mike Pompeo

Intercept: CIA Nominee Pompeo Leaves Door Open for Waterboarding

IB Times: Trump’s CIA Pick A Koch Bros. Puppet

CIA Deputy Director: Gina Haspel

ProPublica: CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director’s Role in Torture - ...and here’s what she did...

EPA Director: Scott Pruitt, OK AG, repeatedly sued the EPA to block air quality/climate rules, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from fossil fuel industry, including Koch, Exxon, etc.

CNN: Trump’s EPA Pick Took Hands-Off Approach to Environmental Crisis That Shook Oklahoma

Think Progress: The Stunning Hypocrisy of Scott Pruitt’s Request for Around-The-Clock Body Guards

SEC Chairman: Jay Clayton

Matt Taibbi: Trump SEC Pick Jay Clayton Connected to Mysterious Firm - ...that helps hundreds of thousands of large corporations and high-net-worth-individuals hide their money in the Caymans. Now let’s see which Dems approve Clayton for the SEC.

Nation: Don’t Let a Career Wall Street Lawyer Head the SEC - Jay Clayton has worked for Sullivan & Cromwell, Goldman Sachs’  go-to law firm for most of his career.

FDA Commissioner: Scott Gottlieb

Intercept: Donald Trump’s Pick to Oversee Big Pharma Is Addicted to Opioid-Industry Cash

FCC Chairman: Ajit Pai, a foe of net neutrality

Engadget: Trump Taps Net Neutrality Foe Ajit Pai To Head FCC - Pai was originally nominated for the FCC commission by Obama.

OMB - Rep. Rick Mulvaney neglected to pay $15,000 in taxes for a household worker, the same offense that has knocked out several Democratic nominees in the past.

Dir. Homeland Security - John Kelley

National Security Adviser - Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster

Ambassador to Israel: David Friedman - opponent of Two State solution, supporter of illegal settlements, calls liberal Jews “kapos”,

Common Dreams: Trump’s Pro-Settlement Ambassador to Israel Panned as “Beyond the Pale”

Vox: Trump’s Pick for Israel Ambassador Thinks Liberal Jews Are “Worse” Than Nazi Collaborators

Chief Liason to Congress: Marc Short

Previously head of Koch-funded Freedom Partners

White House Counsel: Donald McGahn

Has provided legal services to several Koch-funded groups

Senior Counselor for Economic Initiatives: Dina Powell (ex-Goldman)

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Actions of President Trump:

List of Executive Actions by Donald Trump


Real News: Trump Stacking the NLRB to Favor Corporations - Looks like I’m going to have to start a new page: “Things Trump’s Been Doing While We Focused on the Madcap Adventures of His White House Staff.” For now I’m keep up with them on the Trump Cabinet/Actions page, navigable via the Politics page.


Democracy-NOW: Trump’s Re-Negotiation of NAFTA Begins to Resemble TPP


Intercept: Trump’s Team Overseeing Wall Street Brings in More Goldman Sachs Alums - SEC Deputy Chief of Staff Sean Memon, SEC Director of Enforcement Steven Peikin, and Under Secretary of State Eric Ueland now make 9 Goldman Sachs alums on Trump’s cabinet and staff. The other six are Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Dept. Secretary of Treasury James Donovan, SEC Chairman James Clayton, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, and Senior Counselor for Economic Initiatives Dina Powell.


NYTimes: With Trump Appointees, A Raft of Potential Conflicts and ‘No Transparency’ and ProPublica - Over 4,000 lobbyists and consultants now run the agencies they used to try to influence in favor of over 300 of the largest corporations in America. Trump has made White House visitor logs secret. All reporting requirements have been eliminated so that there is no transparency regarding what these ex-lobbyist/consultants are doing. Examples: A lobbyist for several pharmaceutical corporations is now the head of the FDA. The lobbyist who tried to influence the TSA to buy his corporation’s screening device ($500 Million) is now the head of the TSA - but he still tweets under his old Twitter ID and continues to tout the device. Sec. of Health Tom Price has filled his staff with employees and lobbyists of medical device and services corporations.


Intercept: Trump Rewards Fossil Fuel Industry - He kills Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Obama’s Climate Action Plan, opens federal lands to new coal mine leasing, removes rule limiting emissions from fracking wells (methane traps 25 X more heat than CO2 and causes longer term effects). EPA Director Scott Pruitt has already removed the requirement for fossil fuel corporations to report these emissions, so how we have no idea even how much it is contributing to climate change.


NYTimes: In First 6 Weeks, Trump Alters More Than 90 Regulations


Business Insider: EPA Stops Requiring Oil and Gas Companies to Report Methane Emissions

ProPublica: 5 Trump Cabinet Members Who Lied To Congress - Sessions (AG), Pruitt (EPA), DeVoss (Education), Mnuchin (Treasury), Price (Health and Human Services).


LA Times: Trump Directs EPA to Begin Dismantling Clean Water Rule


Democracy-NOW: Trump Admin Rolls Back Protections For Transgender Students


Matt Taibbi: Trump’s Repeal of Bipartisan Anti-Corruption Regulation (Cardin-Lugar Amendment) Proves He’s A Fake - Trump has said he’s going to get rid of all of the useless regulations that hamper business. But the second one he removes, after raising the cost of borrowing for middle class homebuyers and increasing the profits to bank lenders on his first day in office, is a bipartisan effort to prevent large oil companies from bribing the dictators of oil rich 3rd world countries, and to make sure the money goes to their people, instead of an endless collection of yachts, mansions, sports cars and Michael Jackson memorabilia.

From the article:

On Oct. 13 of last year, Trump gave his “crossroads of history” speech. In it he said: "For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests they partner with, our campaign represents an existential threat,...It's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class ... and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities." Trump released a 100-day "action plan" that supposedly targeted "special interest corruption."

Among the measures proposed: new restrictions on lobbying, including a five-year ban on White House and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after leaving office.

Months later, with the self-proclaimed "existential threat" to special interests in office, the "establishment" has it better than ever. Not only has the money-over-principle dynamic not changed inside the Beltway, it's ascendant.


Executive Order 13772 - Directed the Treasury to delay implementation of the “fiduciary rule.” This means that financial advisors do not need to consider what is in the best interests of retirees when selling their products to them. Currently Wall Street and financial advisers scam retirees out of $17 Billion per year. Delaying this rule until the Republican congress can repeal it will keep it that way.


Democracy-NOW: “Women Will Die Because of This”: Planned Parenthood on Trump Signing Anti-Abortion Gag Rule


Intercept: On His First Day in Office, Trump Raises Taxes on Middle-Class Homebuyers - The cancellation of a scheduled rate cut in FHA mortgages is an effective tax on the middle-class. It also makes bank loans more competitive putting more money in the pockets of Wall St. bankers and removing it from the pockets of many first time home buyers. About 1 million Americans will be adversely affected by this measure. Hey Trump voters, your man just screwed you over and it’s only the first day. Get ready for lots more.

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